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Conscious Christianity

Conscious Christianity is the term used to describe the kind of Christianity that understands both Universal and Personal Aspect of God as Consciousness and Divine Personification.

Conscious Christianity is the Highest Form of Christianity because it enables one to know God fully and completely to the uttermost.

In Conscious Christianity, one seeks to know all the workings of God from a fully conscious point of view rather than from a partially conscious point of view. One may know the truth more completely than any others who do not see from a fully conscious viewpoint.

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Here are some Testimonials about Conscious Christianity from Mind Reality:

"I have been drawn to the Mind Reality website and the articles that emanate from the well esteemed spiritual teacher, Enoch Tan for a good while now. Born into a Christian family, I did not practice real Christ Consciousness until I had a supernatural awakening to God, His express image, Jesus and all of the love that is expressed by God until early adulthood. Since then, after experiencing some of the hypocrisy of the church (the institution, not the enlightened assembly) I asked God to show me all truth, and my journey has been filled with both awesome revelation and disappointing heart wrenching times. Because there is negative opposition to my knowledge of "the truth". I feel that I'm on the right track. God has a purpose for me and I need mentors like Enoch Tan to guide me to whatever enlightenment and wisdom He wants me to know. God's Peace to all…"

- R Laurence Parker

"Dear Enoch, Blessings! In fact, I blessed the day I stumbled on your website because it sold the problem I had in my head concerning my relationship with God. But reading the chapter on “The Universal and Personal Aspect of God” in your article “Spiritual Mysteries Revealed” put paid to my apprehensions.

I have at different times been an orthodox and evangelical/Pentecostal Christian until I came to the decision that there was more to what I had understood as my relationship with God (i.e. emphasizing only the personal aspect of God) because certain things did not add up. This tended to have demonized the universal aspect and I found the advocates to be saying one thing and doing another in that some of them have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which enable them to discern, heal and have prior knowledge of things.

So I got engaged in some study which I later found to be emphasizing the only the Universal aspect of God. This also I believe was not totally correct. I do not know how I know is not correct but I just believe it to be so. When I read the above mentioned article, I seemed to have found the “eureka”. In fact, I felt elated when you advocated that Christians who have been concerned only with the personal aspect ought to embrace the universal aspect for “completeness”, as it were. Blessing!"


"Thank you so very much for your e-book “Spiritual Mysteries Revealed” Your explanation of the universal and personal aspects of God has helped me tremendously. Thank you so much for clarifying that. I was so excited when I learnt you were a Christian who has a knowledge of all this. I am a Christian too and yes, you are exactly right when you say we’ve been told all this stuff is not of God. By the way…who are you? Where did you get all this knowledge from? You are amazing! I am so looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much. Regards,"

- Janet Stephen


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